News And Site Update: Maintenance

Hi guys,

You might of noticed the blog has been fairly quiet in recent months but that's not because i haven't been busy....quite the opposite in fact!

I have submitted a few pieces too the publishing group Printed In Blood for numerous licences. I hope i can elaborate more on this in 2021 but right now its all hush hush, approvals need to be made so fingers crossed!

Also i'm hoping to get back on the sketch card scene with Topps. I'm egger to share with you the art i created for the upcoming Holocron set, but due to the nature of 2020 delays and set backs have happened unfortunately to the sets original release date. Once we get the go ahead, all the new artwork will be featured on the site and steadily posted via social sites.

Site Update:

Come the 28th December you might experience some difficulties accessing the site. I am switching Domain providers so their maybe a few hiccups. Please keep an eye out on Facebook for updates, but im hoping to have the site operational for the start of the new year!

Until then i'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and especially a Happy New Year!

- Tim

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