about me

From an early age I've always been a creative person. And growing up like many kids i found myself intrigued by things out of this world, be it Transformers, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Star Wars, the Mario Brothers, their was always something that caught my attention growing up.

My happy place is drawing, and through years of hard work and persistence i am now lucky to be involved with the very licenses i grew up loving.


Star Wars is the one thing that stuck with me from an early age. My dad had the original Star Wars soundtrack on vinyl and i was fascinated by all the weird looking creatures pictured inside the sleeve.

And since then i have assumed a large collection of all things Star Wars. Yep a nerd through and through, and i love it! 


I remember quite vividly when i knew i wanted to pursue a career in art. That came with a simple fan art submission to the UK Official Star Wars Comic, which they published in the October issue in 2001. They quoted "If you keep drawing we're sure you'll make it as an amazing cartoonist" and that was the drive i needed to continue with my artwork.


star wars comic
stormtrooper sketch card

Fast forwarding a few year's later i stumbled across a John McCrea Sketch Card in a pack of Topps Star Wars Heritage set. I couldn't believe i had pulled an original sketch card which was one of a kind! I knew this was something i wanted to see if i could get into.


I networked with every illustrator i could who worked for Topps. And even though i didn't end up getting led straight to Topps, i was given my first sketch card job as an artist for a independent company based in the UK known as Cult-Stuff. 


The first set i worked on was "Pulp Detectives" which was exciting, and a thrilling opportunity to put myself "out there". Taking all the sets i could for Cult-Stuff i ended up working on Bram Stokers Dracula, War of the Worlds, The art of Burlesque and the American Civil War. I was also given a incredible opportunity to produce a base card for none other than the actor who played Boba Fett Jeremy Bullock. This exclusive card was made for Jeremy to sign and offer fans at events and comic cons around the world! 


Starting to find my ground as a sketch card artist i was introduced to other companies Breygent Marketing, Unstoppable Cards and Versicolor. Which also led me to Cryptozoic Entertainment and Upper Deck... And finally Topps!


I achieved my goal. Finally getting accepted to work on the Star Wars Licence for Topps on their upcoming release of "Return of the Jedi" widescreen trading cards back in 2014!



Since then i have produced sketch cards on a yearly basis for Topps, which has grown my abilities as an artist, as well as giving me the opportunity to become friends with a lot of the talented artists in the field. 


With a lot of artwork behind me its crazy to see how far I've come since 2013 working for Cult Stuff and beyond. I am ever so grateful to all the artist who have helped me on my journey, and given me the inspiration to become the best artist i can be!


For those of you who have supported me thank you, it honestly means a lot! 

And to the companies who gave me the opportunity to work on all the amazing licences, Thank you also!


2020 is set to be an exciting year, thanks for following me on the journey.


Best Regards,

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